Amazing Daylight winter wedding decoration ideas in Pakistan

Explore the real outdoor wedding experience with our latest Daylight winter wedding decoration setup ideas in Pakistan.

Amazing Daylight winter wedding decoration ideas:

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There are a few very important facts that make outdoor daylight wedding events in Pakistan. Clean elements are the major fact because sunlight shows each detail from scrap to finish. The selection of floral decoration must contain light and fresh colors. Green is basic for floral but you can add white, peach, pink, etc.

You can also call this event garden wedding theme. Outdoor Daylight Wedding Reception Starting from the entrance which contains beautiful hanging blossoms along with a standing gazebo. Two wooden cabinets that contain fresh flower vases and crystal bowls & candle operas.

White chairs covers and white sofa set give your theme a perfect ambiance with respect to the colors and wedding sitting arrangements. Fantastic Daylight Wedding Event design ideas in Pakistan with exclusive gazebo sitting arrangements, lounges, Entrance, Walkway & wedding buffet setup.

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Starting from the entrance with an astonishing crystal hanging ceiling decoration setup. Not only the roof infect the base with creative pedestals, consoles, welcome floral pots, vases, candle operas, standing and hanging chandeliers.

Tulips Events Always offers you highly professional wedding planning, arrangements, and management services at Lahore, Islamabad, Gujarat, Sialkot, and almost all Pakistan. Ceiling decoration is the constant source of the popularity of Pakistani weddings in 2019.

Every wedding had this element either at the entrance, stage, area decorations, and overall the marquee, etc. Creative head table decorations with exclusive crystal chairs and glass dining tables. Which makes your VIP guests the more wow factor. Nevertheless, the other sitting plan includes one of the best wedding lounges and sofa sets in Pakistan.

Golden wooden structured sofa with white velvet tufted setup.Wedding Services, Themed wedding Planning, wedding props Moving Services, wedding photo booth, Party Theme Decoration, Wedding Stage Decoration, Event Entrance Decoration, Flower Decoration, Flower Arrangements in Pakistan.

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Indoor Nikah Stage Décor

Tulips present another best Indoor Nikah Stage Décor setup ideas in PC Hotel Lahore Pakistan.

Indoor Nikah Stage Décor

Explore the real enchantments at our latest Indoor Nikah Stage Décor along with ceilings. Starting from the stage decor which is the constant source of the popularity of wedding events. Each wedding must contain this element to become the biggest and popular wedding.

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Explore our creativity with Fairy Princess 1st Birthday Party ideas in Pakistan.

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Tips For Successful Wedding Planning Services Budget in Pakistan

Tulips creative team gives you perfect tips for Successful Wedding Planning Services in Pakistan.

It’s a very special moment in your life to get engaged or married. Wedded visions of happiness in your head will probably cause you to fly up. One of the most significant things to make your occasion unique is to choose an engagement ring. There’s no better place to discover precisely what you’re looking for with our choice of the best man made diamond rings ranging from Classical Dual to Infinity Diamond Rings. Make her smile with the gift of eternity by presenting her with The Carat Lab’s extremely captivating man-made diamond rings that are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Ethically celebrate your love with lovely man-made diamond rings. Rare moments celebrated in one of the greatest and most gorgeous gems – this is what our man-made diamond rings symbolize. Our collection of lovely diamond rings makes festivities worthwhile while being economical and authentic. We give a range of diamond rings to fit your taste. Marriages are generally electrifying. People save money all their lives for a big fat marriage. The belief that you need to spend three months’ salary on an engagement ring is no longer true! You do not need to worry; there are plenty of unique and beautifully man-made diamond rings designs that you can choose from if you are looking for a ring on a budget.

The average costs of marriage vary from lakh to crores with a lot of events on the list. The honeymoon expense doesn’t even count! In contrast, taking an easy journey to the courthouse is cheaper than a luxurious marriage. But a traditional wedding and reception can still be organized without going overboard. All you need is good planning to manage the budget efficiently.

Plan Everything out First

You must concentrate on planning when you want an exquisite marriage. First, determine your estimate and attempt to include all costs as per your budget. Dedicate more to items that are essential to you and compromise on less significant stuff. Early you plan, the less stress you have to cope with in the last minute.

No Compromise on the Engagement Ring

Our choice of man-made diamond rings, designed with beauty, brilliance, and clarity in mind, celebrate your unique moments with you. Diamonds are one of the best ways to say “I love you,” so we are committed to offering quality jeweler that makes it memorable every time. Our lab diamonds collection provides buyers peace of mind. As a customer, you can ensure you get the greatest possible value for money. The Carat Lab reflects the natural process of carbon crystallization on earth into brilliant, optically and chemically identical diamonds. Best of all, they do not cause any human or environmental abuse. Moreover, they are budget-friendly.

In addition to the engagement ring, decor, food, photoshoot to the location, these things can easily be managed Wedding Planning Services within the budget.

Theme Night & Decors

Creative Themed Light Ambiance by Tulips Events in Pakistan

While it is essential that everything looks great, the significant thing is to believe that spending a lot on decor isn’t a good option. Themes that are now more common can vary from a European baroque theme to Bollywood night, and that choice can cost you.  If you want an international theme, for instance, it won’t be cheap to get the material for it, but a truck art or even an elegant Mughlai theme can cost you half the price. The floral decoration can include floral recycling and re-use for several occasions. You may choose a solid flora like the gladiola, or tuberose, and jasmines that maintain their texture and fragrance.

Personalized Wedding Favors

The new norm of giving the guests personalized wedding favours, like wedding cards sweets or ornamental Nikaah Bidh handbags is much in trend. As exchanging the rings is vital, the exchange of gifts between the bride and the groom family is also a beautiful ritual because it augments the relationship. Purchase prepared boxes and decorate them with fabrics and pearls and create small roses using a tissue. These resources and equipment are accessible at very affordable rates in great amounts, particularly when you know of wholesale markets where all kinds of eclectic things such as ribbons, laces and fine furnishings on accessory boxes can be found.


While your invitations are the first thing your guests will see and make the tone for the wedding, you can make a wonderful invitation without spending too much money, with a little creativity and personalization. Try to prevent big and tailored invitations for marriages. You can also save lots of money if you make an invitation that isn’t too large or letterpressed. If feasible, search for certain voluntary groups which will create handmade wedding invitations at a fair price. It can increase the card’s exclusivity Successful Wedding Planning Services in Pakistan.

Reduce Your Catering Bill

The first term that comes to mind when thinking about a wedding is food. Without a party to treat your guests, no marriage can take place. Have a little talk with your caterers. You can also stick to the pallet of food that fits your guests the best instead of getting five to six resorts with distinct cuisines. In this manner, you can also decrease your marriage food waste. Dinner is mostly wasteful when guests focus on having pre-dinner snacks. So, don’t get a larger unknown food bill stuck.

Be Wise with Venue

The venue to be ideal is one of the most significant variables. Rather than book a place like a 5-star hotel is certainly appealing, but is it wise to fritter away your budget? You can always look around for large outdoor places which can be decorated with creativity and innovation. This will cost you a lot less and provide your fairy wedding with a nice background.


Finally, without a good photographer, every wedding would be incomplete, because of all we have memories in the end! However, photographers and videographers consume a lot of your marriage budget. The experts and professionals charge a lot! The only way by choosing a freelancer or fresher can help you save. They are inexpensive and come up with new concepts. Hiring freelance photographers is one of the good ways to make a wedding fun and lasting.

Marriages are a big deal. There’s a lot of hard-earned cash into the wedding, which adds fulfilment if a distinctive theme is selected. For years to come, people recall your wedding because of that particular uniqueness. A diamond is a symbol of your commitment to your partner: it is timeless, lasting and brilliant. It is therefore worth considering how to create this moment unique for your partners. There is no limit to fresh and creative concepts and ideas. Who knows your concept is the future wedding trendsetter and Successful Wedding Planning Services in Pakistan.

Top Pakistani Weddings Themed Decoration Trends 2019

Over the years, Pakistani weddings have evolved to be labeled as a fashion statement. Every effort is put to make the wedding stand out from other weddings. Couples definitely want their special day to be memorable and unique. Therefore, innovation in wedding décor and theme is a must for weddings nowadays. Apart from this, the ever changing fashion industry and the décor go hand in hand. Décor follows the fashion trends. This is why we often get to see themes like Twilight theme, based on the movie twilight which inculcates a whitish décor theme. Moreover, desi village themes are also in trend. These include pillows, clay pots, and modest dresses depicting the village life. Likewise the millennial couples are more into casual wedding decors like pop art and truck art.

Below we take a look at top Pakistani weddings themed decoration trends in 2019

Top Pakistani Weddings Fairy Theme

All white theme also known as the Fairy theme or the White Fairy theme, this decor is mostly set up on the Walima function. As some brides prefer a dreamy and fairy like set up on their wedding, this theme fits perfectly for such dreamy vision. White dress is usually adorned by the bride which goes with the décor. White décor material including curtains, flowers, beads, floor, and seating arrangement is used. The flowers used are mostly white rose or tulips, which are very expensive.

  • Village Theme –

2019 is a year of breaking the norms. This theme manifests breaking the norms by bringing in an altogether new décor for weddings. An all desi environment is set up using the authentic look of a Pakistani village. Mostly this décor is done on the Mehndi event, but obviously it can be used on other events as well. Traditional curtains, pillows, beds called charpais, clay pots, and other such décor is done. Lighting is done as per the requirement of the event.

Arabic Night Theme Pakistani Wedding

This is arguably the most expensive décor themes. This theme exhibits expensive and luxurious décor. Arabic style gives off a very crowded feel with plenty of décor items on display. The color is chosen before anything else. Once the color choice is set, other luxurious items follow the same décor color more or less. Luxury tables, seating sofas, Heavy chandeliers, table top candles, and huge vases are some décor items. Apart from these, lavish beads and other accessories are seen hanging from the roof.

Pop Art / Truck Art Theme Pakistani Wedding

This theme is especially in fashion nowadays. This is due to the fact that millennial couples are seemingly embracing the casual and retro looks. The vintage pop art decor is at the heart of this theme. Think of truck art inspired wedding theme and the décor like one sees on a truck. Yes, that is the very essence of pop art themes. You take any vintage art and mold it into your wedding décor. This décor, however, is still in its infancy and shall take good time to mature. With the youth opting for casual and free style weddings it is only a matter of time before we witness weddings with pop art.

  • Candle Lights –

Well, it might seem a bit mainstream but candlelight theme comes with a very unique décor. In a candle light theme every other decoration is done using candle lights, or to be more specific, candle wax. Thus you get submerged in a sea of candle lights. There is a dreamy aspect which comes with this theme. Imagine no light bulb powering your special day rather all those candles are filling that void. Even the flowers are made of candle wax and burn like a candle. Interestingly the candles are timed to perfection i.e. they start burning off when the wedding event is nearing its end.

Final Thoughts – Weddings in Pakistan are a big deal. A lot of hard earned money goes into the wedding and if a unique theme is chosen it adds to that satisfaction. People remember your wedding for years to come due to your uniqueness. Therefore it is worthwhile to spend some time pondering over the décor and plan it accordingly. There is no limitation to imagine and come up with new and innovative ideas for wedding themes. Who knows your décor might be a trendsetter for future Pakistani weddings!

5 Upcoming Wedding Trends We’ll Be Seeing in 2019 Pakistan

From bridal jumpsuits to dessert tables, brides and grooms are breaking tradition and thinking outside the box for their 2019 nuptials. Here are just a few up coming wedding trends to be on the lookout for in 2019.

Wedding arches

Wedding arches are one of the hottest upcoming wedding trends. Not only do they add a personalized touch to your decor, they also represent the gates to a new life that you and your partner will begin after exchanging your rings. The best parties, you can decorate the arch in so many different ways. From balloons,branches, cloth, paper garlands, and flowers, the possibilities are endless!However, the most popular variant is real flowers. If you’re not sure  which flowers would be best for your arch, a florist can recommend a few options that will be best for your ceremony. Roses,carnations, orchids, and freesias are considered the most long-lived flowers,making them all great options for your wedding arch.

Pops of coral

While coral has been one of the trendiest colors over the past five years, we will continue to see more of if it heading into 2019. The Pantone Color Institute recently announced its color of the year is Living Coral, which is a gorgeo us coral hue with golden undertones. Expect to see more of this color in wedding designs this upcoming year through linens, table runners, bridesmaid dresses,and flowers. It’s a great color choice because it’s warm and welcoming, but also versatile.

Double wedding bands

We’ve seen a lot of ring stacking over the years, but many brides are now choosing to complement their engagement rings in a different way. Rather than placing the wedding band below their engagement ring, many brides are now opting to stack bands on both sides of the engagement ring. While some brides simply prefer the symmetry of adding a band to either side of their engagement ring, others love the symbolism of their engagement ring being sealed in on either side. Many jewelers are embracing this wedding trend by offering bridal sets that include two wedding bands along with your engagement ring. If you’re not sure which bands look best with your engagement ring, online jeweler, Blue Nile, offers many different wedding band styles online making it easy to find your perfect match without leaving your home.

Bridal jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are bringing major empowerment and confidence vibes to the bridal fashion world. Many designers were inspired by the idea of wanting brides to feel both beautiful and strong in something other than a classic wedding dress.Strategically placed lace, deep V’s, tailored blazers and sharp trench coats are just a few of the many ways jumpsuits are being jazzed up to create a chic and sassy look for brides wanting to make a statement on their big day.

Post-dinner sweets

Dessert tables are considered one of the biggest wedding trends in the coming year.More and more couples are shying away from the traditional wedding cake and opting for a more memorable dessert presentation. Doughnut walls, cookie tables, and cupcake towers, as well as delicious plated options such as chocolate tarts and strawberry shortcakes, are just a few of the many ways newly weds are making post-dinner sweets a talked about event. Looking to begin planning your 2019 wedding? Check out our wedding services to help bring these upcoming trends to life on your special day.