White Garden Walima stage

White is the most common color in our event and its appearance with other colors makes perfect themed events in Pakistan. Such as we brings White Garden Walima stage decoration setup ideas and floral arrangements.

White Garden Walima stage

Our creative stage decoration team always find the new and fresh design of stages, either make it from the wooden structure or with elegant crystal wall and stylish contemporary ambiance etc. Our themed wedding events and stage decor are bespoke and brought a new life to your dreams day.

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Electrifying Red Reception Stage

Electrifying Red Reception Stage

Sometime we found energetic ideas in our early lives, this time Tulips Creative team presents another fantastic stage design Electrifying Red Reception Stage decoration ideas in Pakistan.

Electrifying Red Reception Stage

Find the beautiful hanging bulbs along with dark and vibrant colors floral arrangements. Red accent color implement in consoles tables with floral vases, vine glass decorations, standing chandeliers and candle operas.

So, Glorify your events with Red Electrifying effect Theme Reception Stage decoration setup in Pakistan. Red, Plum and Gold exclusive lights ambiance, astonished floral themed backdrop.

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Plum Pakistani Weddings

Explore the perfect and stunning Plum Pakistani Weddings by Tulips Events management in Pakistan.

Many people thinking that they can’t make their weddings unique but Tulips Creative Team make it happen and gives you perfectly unique and stunning themed weddings in Pakistan. Starting from the colors theme like plum, purple, pink its almost covers the same era.

Plum Pakistani Weddings Decoration

Our events contains floral backdrops with hanging chandeliers, customized floral pots console tables and beautiful bride and groom sofa set. A long walkway attached with main stage for bride and groom entrance with fire works or confetti blaster etc.

Exclusive white lounges make an elegance at your event with center table arrangements and round table floral candles. Hanging flowers, chrysanthemum, gladiolus, at the entrance with breaking table. Stage contains pink roses and plum gladiolus at their bests.

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Plum Gold Wedding Reception

Tulips events management gives you amazing Plum Gold Wedding Reception theme decoration setup ideas in Pakistan. Glowing floral perks in the areas, standing chandeliers, floral pots, wooden walkway along with floral console tables, candle opera and never the less beautiful wedding reception entrance design with hanging flowers.

These beautiful floral arrangements made from chrysanthemum, Baby’s-breath, Gypsophila, Hydrangea and the lilium is a genus of herbaceous in Pakistan. You can also called this wedding us plum weddings in Pakistan.

Purple is one of the most popular wedding colors for ceremonies and receptions in Pakistan. This brings a creative look and feel at you event that brings in great energy and provides a cool, relaxed atmosphere. If you’re a purple lover, you’ll definitely want to pull themed wedding inspiration from our gorgeous plum wedding ideas in Pakistan.

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Punjabi haveli weddings stage

Punjabi haveli weddings stage is all about the traditional theme with vibrant inspiration of our cultural places in Pakistan.

Tulips always gives you unique and creative approach to your weddings with respect to the themed arrangements. Haveli style stage setup is an ideal wedding setup for Pakistani weddings. This theme can be optimise for Baraat, engagement, sangeet, cocktail, Qawali Nights and bachelor’s parties etc. It offers a massive selection of traditional elements that make memories.

Punjabi haveli weddings stage

Tulips event also giving you opportunity to get the setup for your events in abroad. We can give you complete planning an management services of Punjabi haveli wedding in the world.

Our stage decoration themed items will make your wedding setup very beautiful and eye catching. These stage decorations are totally folding and very easy to assemble.

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Red Crystal Wedding Stage

Tulips Event always give you latest and unique approach to the wedding stages and decorations in Pakistan. This time we brings you Red Crystal Wedding Stage ideas with exclusive crystal backdrop along with astonishing hanging chandeliers.

Red color is always a choice for bride side ceremony that is called baraat, reception or Nikah in Pakistan. You can make red as accent color and other as ambiance for example you can switch this setup into red & white, red & Gold, red & brown etc.

Red Crystal Wedding Stage Design ideas

This setup includes all perfect floral arrangements that includes gladiolus, chrysanthemum, lilious flower and Gypsophila. Pakistani local red flowers also use as base color and pattern filling. Tulips will provide you complete end to end decoration and themed floral arrangements services with hassle less wedding planning in Pakistan.

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Fairy wedding gate stage

Tulips presents you another beautiful fairy tale stage decoration series with Fairy wedding gate stage decoration ideas in Pakistan. Fairy-tale weddings are the most astonished themes that according to your dream themes.

So if you dream about your special day for a memorable themed ambiance or just start planning on it. We are here to gives you each ideas step step from big things to the minor details. We always care about all details of wedding things. For example the stage, backdrop, table centerpieces, entrance, lights ambiance, catering, buffet setup, food area, flowering and the bride / groom sitting plans.

We know that how you feel when everything about your wedding has to be anything but ordinary. But an incredible wedding in Pakistan calls for some incredible inspiration for all the guests.

Great wedding designers always Focus on Lights. That’s why lighting pays a really very important role in themed wedding décor in Pakistan.

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Red Crystal Theme Reception

Themes are most important identity now a days for weddings in Pakistan. That’s why Tulips events management creative team will gives you detailed arrangements and ideas in your desire Red Crystal Theme Reception weddings themes in Pakistan.

Starting from the rich stage decoration with fantastic flowering arrangements, mirror backdrop with crystal drapes. Themed red & gold lights. vine glass table centerpieces makes sittings like a royal weddings in Pakistan. Creative Abstract standing tree in the areas, and the walkway / passage with full of floral decoration border on each side.

One of most best elements that when bride comes towards the stage the hidden pyrotechnics fireworks amazed the guests and get attention of the people around her.

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Crystals Wedding Theme Design

Wedding becomes more creative and interesting tasks with respect to themed decoration & ambiance in Pakistan. Tulips presents you brand new series of Pakistani wedding stage design with Crystals Wedding Theme Design Ideas in Pakistan.

Each great wedding has a theme and this would be getting by specific color scheme, an arrangements, or by managing space into the own arrangements styles. You must choose you wedding theme to get an adorable and memorable wedding decoration in Pakistan.

We presents of all important element of arranging & planning perfect weddings in Pakistan. A beautiful stage design concept, elegant entrance ideas, reception notes, wedding photo booth, table notes, walkway design, table center pieces, exclusive lounge sitting plans, special buffet table design themed lights and more.

Lets call us for your upcoming wedding planning and arrangements with less hassle and perfect solutions.

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Pink white Pakistani wedding

Tulips events presents you a freshly designed creative Pink white Pakistani wedding stage setup ideas in Lahore Pakistan. Beautifully managed stage floral arrangements along with pink curtains and white ambiance lights.

Themed weddings is now future of Pakistani wedding events, that’s why tulips care of all aspect in your give theme. Either its simple or elegant wedding stage design we care of all elements accordingly. White exclusive wedding lounge sofa seats make environment more eye catching in the first look. Entrance breaker with such hanging floral or kits, gladiolus, Chrysanthemum, lilious flower and pink hydrangea in the main stage pasting frames.

Star to end you’ll find the same themed ambiance in whole wedding decoration.

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