Surprise Couple Dinner Ideas in Pakistan

Having a romantic surprise dinner at your desire place will be fun and memorable moments in your entire life. If you want to plan a romantic surprise couple dinner ideas at home or somewhere outside with your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend all you plan to do something more special and surprising for your loved one. We can help you to make your event more planned and unforgettable in your whole life.

Either you are single or you have been married for few months or 20 years, keep the same spirit to fulfill your desires with such mind blowing surprise dinner ideas that must win her/his heart. We usually take this type of surprises at special occasions like, anniversary, birthday or finishing a long projects. But you can make it happen at best time to setup his/her mode to your thoughts. So planning a surprise couple dinner ideas for someone is the perfect way to turn ordinary day into extraordinary day.

Few of most efficient and fantastic ideas are:

  • A lovly Creative Frame contains you and your partner names e.g. “Ali & Nida”.
  • Serenade a song, your partner most fav song play surprisingly in background.
  • Lots of Candles in the room, Some special fragrance candle middle of the dinner table.
  • After dinner Play somthing very special and fav movie of your partner surprisingly in the room to make whole night memorable for all the time.
  • Fill the complete room with two colors balloons that’s makes the fairy environment over there.
  • Do something unexpected – its all up to your choice that may be a old pen of his child hood, his child hood picture, his first achievement gift etc.
  • Brings the Special customized elements:  Get an special customized coffee / tea cup / Mug with you and your partner name on the dinner table.
    • You can make customized t-shirts also with your partner fav quote or “Names”.
    • You can print Pictures also.
  • A Special flower bouquet give your partner with your gift before the dinner.
  • Make a Heart shape with flora petals on the Bed  OR on the floor OR on the multiple elements of the room, like dressing table, coffee table, bed, side tables, lamp tables etc. lots of flowers.
  • You can also Put a big bouquet of fresh flowers by the bed.
  • Some very special and lovely, romantic cookies, for example:  Chocolates,  Muffins, Chocolate Brownies etc.

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  • For the very special moments you can put fragrance candles in the bathroom that filled with the petals.
  • May be we can put some dynamic fairly ambiance lights in the bath room OR may be in the room also.
  • Putting some romantic elements in the room to make an ambiance:
    • Heart Shape Fillers.
    • Customized Pillows
    • A Big Flex Print with you and your partner photo on the wall.
    • Print and framed a special and memorable picture of you and your partner.
    • Make a Picture Collage (mixers) on the bed / on the table / on the dressing table mirror etc.
    •  This can be many shapes of different frames with different pictures.
    • Different shapes of cards with your partner name on all OR both couple name on all.

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